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We are an industry-leading Direct Marketing company that specializes in vehicle ownership compilation and data delivery platforms that are used for marketing and analytics. Unlike other companies, we don’t just resell data or use someone else’s platform.

Our Bankbags


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Data Compilation and Technology

We know that all data tells a story, and we dig deep to analyze and understand that story so we can provide accurately targeted data.

Our CARS (Compliant Auto Resource Solution) database stands apart from other files in the marketplace because we focus on what is hard: removing vehicles that are no longer owned. Because our product and development teams are continually investigating many sources and data types, we have built innovative processes that increase our accuracy month over month.

New and updated records are added to our CARS file daily and released every Monday, for a true weekly update. Our file is built from millions of transactions each month, which are run through multiple validation processes and suppression sources to ensure the accuracy of current auto owners, and to prevent no longer owned vehicles from being added to our database. Through rigorous  testing, we have found more advanced and accurate ways to compile and track vehicles that are no longer owned, validate true vehicle ownership, and find lost customers.

All of our data is compliant with the DPPA and the Shelby Act, as well as state and federal laws.

MegaVast / Specialized Teams

Our proprietary count and order system, MegaVast, is completely developed in-house with both Private Label and API’s available. MegaVast is easy to use for instant counts and orders, and includes phones, email addresses, modeled credit scores, and many other demographics. It also allows the flexibility to upload files for suppression and/or matching to selects in our system. Our team of seasoned auto specialists are available from 8am to 8pm EST to process counts, orders, and appends. We have an on-call development staff that monitors our systems and can be reached 24/7.


  • Original compiler of auto data
  • File Universe 199MM VINs
  • Weekly releases include new and updated records
  • Extensive validation and suppression sources for the most accurate data
  • DataVast – Fast and easy count & order site
  • Upload files for suppression and/or matching to any selects
  • Email addresses & phones available


  • AutoVINdication-X – Identify vehicle ownership changes and market to the new owners
  • Auto Email Append/Reverse Email Append
  • Consumer Emails & Deployment
  • Auto Emails & Deployment
  • Black Book and KBB appends
  • VIN Validation
  • Demographic Append
  • Landline/Cell phone Appends (DNC,Validation, Reverse Phone Append)
  • Silent Voicemails
  • Customer Profiling and Snapshots
  • Data Hygiene/Enhancement Services





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